Jan 16 2012 mini-workshop

On January 16, 2012, we will organize a one-day workshop at the
Tokyo Institute for Technology, at the Makino lab.

Title: MODEST-11a: New Mathematical Techniques for High Performance Computing


Now that the fastest supercomputers contain millions of cores,
software requirements for scientific computer simulations are
dramatically different from what has been the case in the last
half century. Novel hugely parallel simulation techniques are
required, and it is unclear how to develop those. It seems best
to throw our net widely, to investigate new compiler techniques
as well as new mathematical approaches. We will discuss both
during our very informal one-day meeting.


10:00: Welcome and introduction, by Piet HUT, who will summarize
similar activities that have been held by us in Kyoto in
June 2011 and in Kobe in August 2011.

10:15: Kohei SUENAGA will talk about new mathematical techniques,
including category theory and hybrid system verification.

11:00: Koichi NAKAMURA will talk about his new ideas concerning
compiler developments for high-level languages.

11:30: Jun MAKINO will talk about developments in HPC in Japan.

12:00: lunch

14:00: free informal discussions about the topics raised in the morning.

17:00: Brief concluding remarks, by Piet Hut


Jun's office is in Ishikawadai 2-go-kan, room 304.
Campus map:
We will meet in Bulding no 2, in room 315.


For further information, please contact Ms. Miyuki TSUBOUCHI,
at miyukit -- at -- .


The workshop is open to anyone. However, it would be nice if you
could send an email to Ms. Miyuki TSUBOUCHI, a few days or more
before the conference, so that she can reserve a room of the right
size at a local restaurant. Thank you!